Pulp Lyrics

Different Class

Bar Italia Common People Disco 2000 Feeling Called Love I Spy Live Bed Show Mis-shapes Monday Morning Pencil Skirt Something Changed Sorted For Es And Wizz Underwear


Anorexic Beauty Being Followed Home Dont You Know Fairground I Want You Life Must Be So Wonderful Master Of The Universe The Never-ending Story Theres No Emotion They Suffocate At Night

His N Hers

Acrylic Afternoons Babies Do You Remember The First Time Happy Endings Have You Seen Her Lately Joyriders Lipgloss Pink Glove Shes A Lady Someone Like The Moon


59 Lyndhurst Grove Babies Inside Susan O U Gone Gone Razzmatazz Sheffield Sex City Space Stacks Styloroc


Blue Girls Boats And Trains In Many Ways Joking Aside Looking For Life Love Love My Lighthouse Wishful Thinking

Masters Of The Universe

97 Lovers Aborigine Blue Glow Dogs Are Everywhere Goodnight Little Girl Manon Master Of The Universe Sanitised Version Simultaneous The Mark Of The Devil The Will To Power They Suffocate At Night Tunnel


Countdown Death Ii Sont You Want Me Anymore Down By The River Love Is Blind My Legendary Girlfriend Separations Shes Dead This House Is Condemned

This Is Hardcore

A Little Soul Dishes Glory Days Help The Aged Im A Man Party Hard Seductive Barry Sylvia The Day After The Revolution The Fear This Is Hardcore Tv Movie

We Love Life

Ansaphone Bad Cover Version Bob Lind Cocaine Socialism Death Comes To Town Deep Fried In Kelvin Everybodys Problem His N Hers I Love Life Ladies Man Laughing Boy Like A Friend Mile End Pta Roadkill Seconds Silence Street Lites Sunrise The Babysitter The Birds In Your Garden The Night That Minnie Timperley Died The Professional The Trees There Was We Are The Boyz Weeds Weeds Ii What Do You Say Whiskey In The Jar Wickerman Your A Nightmare Your Sisters Clothes


Tomorrow Never Lies